HP Officejet Pro L7680 - Required information

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Required information

To set up Direct Digital Filing, you need the following


• The IP address assigned to the all-in-one.

When you press the Digital Filing button on the all-in-

one control panel for the first time, the IP address is

listed at the end of the instructions that appear on

the display.

• Appropriate privileges on the network.

You must be able to create a folder and change the

access permissions for the folder.

• The name of the computer where the folder is

Direct Digital Filing...

in action!

Recently, a small graphic design firm started to manage

their invoices, contracts, and expense reports

electronically using Direct Digital Filing. Now, instead of

filing invoices and other documents, the office manager

uses the all-in-one to create an electronic copy that is

automatically stored on a computer on the office


Setting it up…

The office manager asked one of the office's IT-savvy

employees to set up Direct Digital Filing.

First, the IT-savvy employee

created three separate

folders (named "Invoices",

"Contracts", and "Expense

Reports") on the computer

that would be used to store

the documents.

Then, he changed the

access permissions on

these folders so that the all-

in-one could save the files

to the appropriate