HP Officejet Pro L7680 - Understanding 802.11 wireless network settings

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Understanding 802.11
wireless network settings

Network name (SSID)

By default, the device looks for the wireless network
name or Service Set Identifier (SSID) named “hpsetup”.
Your network may have a different SSID.

Communication mode

There are two communication mode options:

Ad hoc: On an ad hoc network, the device is set to ad
hoc communication mode, and communicates directly
with other wireless devices without the use of a wireless
access point (WAP):

All devices on the ad hoc network must:

• Be 802.11 compatible

• Have ad hoc as the communication mode

• Have the same network name (SSID)

• Be on the same subnet and same channel

• Have the same 802.11 security settings

Infrastructure (recommended): On an infrastructure
network, the device is set to infrastructure
communication mode, and communicates with other
devices on the network, whether the devices are wired
or wireless, through a WAP. WAPs commonly act as
routers or gateways on small networks.

Security Settings

For the available settings for the device, see the
Network configuration page under “Understanding the
configuration page” in the onscreen user guide on the
Starter CD.

For more information on wireless security,
visit www.weca.net/opensection/pdf/