HP Officejet Pro L7680 - Set up the fax (optional)

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3 Set up the fax (optional)

This chapter provides instructions for setting up the fax in

a number of different setup configurations.

• Using a dedicated phone line
• Using a shared phone line
• Managing and configuring the fax

• Configuring the answer mode

• Configuring rings to answer

• Changing the answer ring pattern for distinctive


• Setting the fax header

• Testing the fax setup

For more information about fax features, see the

onscreen user guide on the Starter CD.

NOTE: Fax is supported on some models only.

CAUTION: If you do not use the supplied cord to

connect from the telephone wall jack to your device,

you might not be able to fax successfully.

This special phone cord is different from the phone

cords you might already have in your home or office.

If the supplied phone cord is too short, see the onscreen

user guide on the Starter CD for information.