HP Officejet Pro L7680 - Set up speed-dial entries

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Set up speed-dial entries

You can store fax numbers or groups of fax numbers as

speed-dial entries. Speed-dial entries 1 through 5 are

associated with the corresponding five speed-dial

buttons on the control panel. This lets you dial those

numbers quickly by using the control panel.

In addition to using the control panel, you can also set

up speed-dial entries using the embedded Web server

and the HP Photosmart software. For information,

see the onscreen user guide on the Starter CD.

To set up speed-dial entries

1. From the control panel, press Setup.
2. Select Speed Dial Setup and do one of the following:

• To add or change an entry: Select Individual

Speed Dial or Group Speed Dial and press the

arrow keys to move to an unused entry number,

or type a number on the keypad. Type the fax

number, and then press OK. Include any pauses

or other required numbers, such as an area

code, an access code for numbers outside a PBX

system (usually a 9 or 0), or a long-distance

prefix. Type the name using the numeric keypad,

and then press OK.

• To delete one entry or all entries: Select Delete

Speed Dial and press the arrow keys to move to

the speed-dial entry that you want to delete, and

then press OK.