HP Officejet Pro L7680 - Troubleshooting and configuration tools

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Troubleshooting and

configuration tools

The following tools are available for troubleshooting or

configuring the device. For more information, see the

onscreen user guide on the Starter CD.

Self-test diagnostic page

Use the Self-test diagnostic page to view current device

settings, to help troubleshoot device problems, and to

verify installation of optional accessories, such as the

duplexer. The Self-test diagnostic page also contains

a log of recent events. If you need to call HP, print the

Self-test diagnostic page before calling.

To print the Self-test diagnostic page

1. On the control panel, press the Setup button.
2. Select Print Report, select Self-Test Report, and then

press OK.

Network configuration page

If the device is connected to a network, you can print

a Network configuration page to view the network

settings for the device. You can use the Network

configuration page to help troubleshoot network

connectivity problems.

To print the Network configuration page

1. On the control panel, press the Setup button.
2. If your device has a two-line display, select Network

Setup, select Print Network Settings, and then press

If your device has a color display, select Network,

select View Network Settings, select Print Network

Configuration Page, and then press OK.

Embedded Web server

A Web server provides an environment in which Web

programs can run, in much the same way that an

operating system, such as Microsoft





provides an environment in which programs can run on

your computer. A Web browser, such as Microsoft

Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla Firefox,

or Safari can show output from a Web server.

An embedded Web server (EWS) resides on a

hardware product (such as a printer) or in the firmware,

rather than as software that is loaded on a network

server. The advantage of an embedded Web server is

that it provides an interface to the product that anyone

who has a network-connected computer and a standard

Web browser can open and use. No special software

needs to be installed or configured.

With the HP Embedded Web Server, you can view

product status information, change settings, and

manage the product at your computer.

To open the embedded Web server

In a supported Web browser on your computer, type the

IP address that has been assigned to the device.

For example, if the IP address is,

type the following address into the Web browser:

The IP address for the device is listed on the Network

configuration page.

After you open the embedded Web server, you can

bookmark it so that you can return to it quickly in the


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